Secure and efficient iLOQ locking solutions

Secure and efficient iLOQ locking solutions in the city of Dormagen

Unique digital locking systems boost the security and efficiency of Dormagen’s properties.

iLOQ provides efficient locking and secure access to buildings and spaces used daily. Our unique battery- and cable-free digital locking and mobile access solutions maximize security, minimize administration time and impact on the environment, drive down lifecycle costs and boost the value of your properties.

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1,600 locking cylinders accessed by 3,050 digital keys

From a single building to dozens of premises spread over a vast area; take a closer look at how iLOQ’s battery- and cable-free digital locking system is utilized by Dormagen to enhance the security and accessibility of the city’s maintenance and management operations.

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iLOQ | Case Dormagen

"The intelligent iLOQ - locking system can be easily and flexibly retrofitted even in our existing buildings. As it works without batteries, no maintenance is necessary - this saves follow-up costs and protects the environment. iLOQ is modular and very flexible in programming. The administration of authorizations can be easily and securely decentralized by areas."

Mr. Volker Schwach
Eigenbetrieb Dormagen

Safety/Building maintenance

Flexible and modifiable

iLOQ’s digital locking system can easily be expanded to cover many different types of entry points without heavy modifications to the existing infrastructure.

Easy key management

The solution eliminates the need to replace locks if keys are lost or stolen – access rights can be quickly and easily cancelled and new keys reprogrammed.

Environmentally friendly

iLOQ’s battery-free solution is powered by the motion of inserting the key into the lock. This minimizes maintenance time and costs and reduces battery waste.

Low lifecycle costs

iLOQ’s digital locking system creates significant savings for large locking systems where many locks and keys are in use, boosting the value of properties.

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Digital locking powered with the push of a key
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iLOQ S50 - Your smartphone as a key and power source

Your smartphone as a key and power source
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Whatever locking and access-management challenges you are facing, iLOQ offers a reliable and cost-effective solution. iLOQ is a Finnish growth company developing innovative technology and patented software. Our safe and sustainable products have been designed to make life easier.

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