Dramatically reduce OPEX in site access with battery-free smart padlocks


The iLOQ S50 mobile access solution allows towercos to focus on core business – managing and maintaining sites, not providing access to them.

iLOQ is revolutionizing the way mobile access management serves the utilities industry. We have eliminated the need for physical keys and battery-powered lock cylinders completely and placed the power to unlock a world of possibilities inside a smartphone. Secure and fully digital cloud-based access sharing saves time, money and resources making everyday operations easier than ever before. 

iLOQ S50 is a battery-free, keyless locking solution where an NFC-enabled smartphone is both the key and the power source. The lock is activated with the smartphone’s NFC induction, which generates enough electrical energy to identify access rights and open the lock. It runs through the iLOQ S50 mobile app which is available for NFC-compatible phones. For users without an NFC-compatible phone, the iLOQ Key Fob is an easy alternative. 

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Benefits of iLOQ S50

Faster ROI@3x

Info@3x (8)

Operational Efficiency@3x

Maximum Security@3x


iLOQ S50 eliminates keys from the equation. No more logistics, unauthorized copies or costs associated with physical keys.  

Fast return on investment

Battery-free solutions mean huge OPEX reductions. Quickly recover the investment compared to growing OPEX related to battery-powered or electronic locks with battery-powered keys.

Low total cost of ownership

No maintenance means low TCO. Project the recurring costs of mechanical or battery-powered systems for 10 years and compare the TCO.

Real-time updates

Grant, update and remove access rights in real time and remotely to individual users or to groups of users. Time-limited access rights can also be granted. Updated info at all times.

High level of information

A quick and easy way to continually know what is going on in the field – who is getting in and out, to where and when. Get notified about unauthorized access attempts. 

Save time and the planet

No battery waste. Reduced use of resources. Save time and the environmental impact of traveling back and forth searching for keys.


There’s no need to waste time and money on maintaining locks. You can focus on taking care of your sites and providing the best service possible for your customers.

Smooth integration 

Use iLOQ APIs to connect access management to existing ERP or site-management platforms. Automatically send virtual keys to the right technician for pre-programmed maintenance activities.

Fast recovery from downtime

Send virtual keys immediately and remotely to the nearest technician in the field to minimize out-of-service downtime of the site.

No worries about lost keys

Access rights to lost phones can be quickly, simply and immediately removed – there is no need to periodically synchronize access rights.

Maximized security

Eliminate risks associated with misuse of key copies or robberies, like battery theft, often carried out by keyholders.

Easy installation

Just replace the lock. No wiring.


iLOQ S50 in practice with major customers

Some of the biggest players in the towerco sector have already decided to optimize their OPEX by migrating to a single locking solution and have deployed iLOQ S50.





A lock for every need


Camlock (1)

Padlocks (1)

Euro-Half (1)

Key Tube (1)


  • Typical uses: cabinets, key boxes, IT and distribution cabinets
  • Standardized measurements – easy to retrofit

Strong and sturdy family of padlocks

  • Typical uses: gates, cabinets and hatches
    Ingress protection rating: IP 68
  • Designed for exposure to harsh environments and extreme climates
  • Available in two versions: opening and closing with user credential/opening with and closing without user credential

Europrofile half cylinder

  • Typical uses: rack cabinets, cabinet handles
  • Ready-made solutions for various utility sector cabinets
  • Water-resistant and dustproof
  • Standardized measurements – easy to retrofit
  • Special autolock version for cabinet handles
  • Special version with adjustable latch for key switches and other special applications
  • Knob and double cylinder available for standard door installations

Key tube lock cylinder

  • Enables usage of iLOQ S50 in key safe applications where typically a third-party organization, like fire service or a telecommunication company, needs to have access to the premises/buildings using their own key
  • The key to the premises is placed in wall-mounted key safe tubes, which organizations can open using their mobile phones as a key
  • Support for different sizes and models of key tubes

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